Rob Calvert

Product specialist and advisor

About me

Hi there 👋

I validate, launch and grow digital products for startups and global organisations.

The types of roles I play include:
  • Interim Head of Product / Product Director
  • Product advisor
  • Product coach

Problems I solve

Over the past 12 months, I've helped companies:
  • Setup a product function from scratch
  • Turnaround a struggling product function, and drastically improve the product development process
  • Rationalise their product strategy, and navigate through a significant pivot
  • Turn a vision into a customer-facing proposition, and launch an MVP
Most of my engagements start with a broad request for 'product help'

In all cases I come in, rapidly identify the shape of the problem, and quickly get started on both short and long-term solutions.


My experience spans from the earliest stages (where I've launched 10+ startups), through to Series-B level funding and the leadership of a 30+ product development team.

From this, I've got three main parts to my professional self:
  • One part business and functional leadership
  • One part delivery (including significant experience as a hands-on developer and UX designer)
  • One part product and business strategy
Recent highlights have included:
  • Led the successful delivery of a complex mobile MVP within 3 months, after three previous failed attempts over 18 months by the organisation
  • Rapidly setup the product function of an established...

Some nice words

"Although our time working together was brief, Rob was a significant influence during my first couple of months at Asto. Though he was with us on a short contract, he set in motion our journey to become a truly product-led organisation, an undertaking that will undoubtedly contribute to the long-term success of this business."
Joshua Queen: Senior Product Manager at Asto

"Rob is an all-round leader with strong decisive skills and the ability to connect with everyone in his team. Alongside his work as founder of the company, Rob is also one...

Current availability

I am currently available for small advisory or consultancy engagements

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